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Bootloader Reprogramming



Contact us for lead times.

We are sorry to hear you bricked your boardit happens to the best of us.

If you've bricked your Open-Q Dev Kit and want to restore Android yourself. There is way. Ask us how here

Unfortunately you can't reflash your bootloader on your own because Qualcomm proprietary tools are required. The tools are proprietary because of the Snapdragon processor security requirements - so only a trusted source can reflash the bootloader.

Before sending us your board, follow the steps below which means first submitting a ticket and we'll work with you to try and get the board working. If we can't get you going remotely, for a nominal fee we will reflash the bootloader and send it back to you.

The steps are:

1) Register and select "Submit a Ticket" at

2) Enter "Bootloader RMA" in the "Subject" and select your bricked device from the drop-down list

3) In the ticket body, enter your board's serial number

4) Include your name, number, email, address, etc so we can contact you

5) Wait for us to contact you and we'll see if we can get it going again remotely

6) If we can't help you remotely, complete your Bootloader Reprogramming purchase here on our webstore with your desired return shipment method

7) Ship your device to:

RMA Department
12755 Hwy 55, Suite H100,
Plymouth, MN 55441
We are sorry to hear that you bricked your board. We'll turn it around as quickly as we can so you can get back to work.