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Qualcomm® AOCVS Demonstration Platform



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The Always-on Computer Vision Sensor (AOCVS) Demonstration Platform is a Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) system for demonstration of their AOCVS module. The AOCVS module consists of the Qualcomm QCC112 ultra low-power Image/Computer Vision processor plus a camera lens and sensor packaged in a stand-alone module. The QCC112 SoC, optimized for always-on processing, runs computer-vision algorithms while operating continuously on very little power. When it recognizes a specific type of image or gesture which it has been trained for, it will provide an output indication.

The demo system consists of one AOCVS sensor module connected to a QCA4020 host processor running an application to control and coordinate the attached AOCVS sensor module. It also interfaces to a PC via high speed UART to provide a user interface for demonstration purposes. A PC test application and accompanying demo scripts are provided for demonstration of the basic features of the module.

 The AOCVS Demo Platform includes:

  • One AOCVS Module and board mounted on chassis
  • Preprogrammed binary demo software on host processor
  • Demo PC software for Windows 7 or 10 (via download)
  • TwoUSB micro B cables
  • 1 x FTDI USB to serial transceiver with 30-pin socket
  • Power supply
  • Access to documentation and basic demo kit support